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About Us


We’re passionate about retail and the role it plays in people’s lives.

We believe that every retail brand has the potential to thrive by creating remarkable customer experiences.

We exist to help them do this.


We're a people business that depends on the talent and experience of a remarkable team of specialists to deliver excellent services to our customers.

We hire the very best people, regardless of background, and provide an environment where they can develop and grow, whilst working with some of the best brands in the world.

We're always looking for talented people to join the Biglight team, so if you think you are remarkable at what you do, then please get in touch.

We exist to create remarkable customer experiences that bring people closer to the brands they love.


The growth of our business over the last 10 years has been based not only on strong partnerships with our customers, but also as a result of close collaboration with others in the industry.

We use the most advanced tools in the world to help brands identify opportunities for improvement, to create new and optimise existing experiences to their customers.

We partner with the leading digital technologies to deliver new commerce experiences that balance user, brand and commercial needs.

Technology Partners


The Elephant in the Room

Our building has a dark and gruesome history, as it was once the workshop of the most famous taxidermists in the world. We acknowledge this by celebrating the lives of two of the animals whose stories are permanently entwined with 15 Leighton Place.

Alfred the Gorilla, was orphaned as a baby in 1928 and brought from Central Africa to Bristol Zoo, where he became one of its most popular attractions, achieving global fame during the war. Alfred became the longest-living gorilla in captivity anywhere in the world and can now be found in Bristol Museum.

The Tervuren Elephant was an African bush elephant, the largest and heaviest land animal on earth. He stood 3m tall at the shoulder, was more than 4.5m long and weighed almost 10 tonnes. He was brought from Africa to Kentish Town in 1956 and is now in the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium

Both Alfred and the Tervuren Elephant are pictured emerging from what is now our reception and you will see references to them throughout our building today.

As he did in life, the Tervuren Elephant towers over us still in our logo, designed by James Hilton, Co-founder and former Creative Director of AKQA .

Biglight Limited,
15 Leighton Place,
Kentish Town,
London, NW5 2QL
+44 (0)20 7989 2800
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