Optimisation Analyst

We are looking for an Optimisation Analyst with a successful track record in data analysis for ecommerce and a good understanding of experimentation (A/B/n testing, MVT) and personalisation. You will be confident presenting to clients, secure in the knowledge that your data insights and recommendations are based on sound analysis.

What you’ll do on a day-to-day basis:

  • Work within a multidisciplinary team alongside UX Specialists, Designers, Creatives to help our clients continually improve the customer experience, increase conversions rates and grow revenues.
  • Conduct deep-dive data analysis with web analytics and other tools to uncover new opportunities, answer existing questions, expand upon initial ideas from qualitative research, quantify and prioritise.
  • Write data-informed hypotheses working alongside the rest of the team
  • Design experiments that deliver solid results and insights
  • Estimate potential impact from proposed experiments or personalised experiences
  • Work alongside the development team to set up experiments on a variety of testing tools
  • Conduct expert analysis of test results and produce recommendations for next steps and follow-on ideas.
  • Clearly present results back to the clients in a way that they can understand
  • Keep abreast of the wider industry, continuously learning about Analysis techniques and strategies, experimentation and personalisation in order to improve our methodologies & quality of test ideas.


Experience, skills and professional attributes:

  • Excellent understanding and application of Web Analytics such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  • Proven experience of data analysis
  • Ability to be unbiased and objective when it comes to the analysis of data
  • Excellent understanding of e-commerce
  • Very good understanding of retail and other related sectors
  • The ability to clearly explain data insights in a way that everyone can understand