Putting the store at the heart of omnichannel

Omnichannel. It even sounds techy, like an offshoot of online retail. Maybe that’s why, historically, retailers have been so fixated on eCommerce innovation ...

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Good Vibes for Retail Tech Awards

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for a 2018 Retail Week Tech Award, specifically the The Hermes Excellence in Customer Experience award for ...

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Testing, disproportionate returns and how to find them

“Hey, do you want some chocolate ice-cream?” “Maybe after dinner tonight, but it’s 7am right now, so that’s a terrible idea”. From “A ...

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Lessons from TDC18 – the Delivery Experience Must be as Remarkable as Everything Else.

I recently attended The Delivery Conference (TDC18) in London. If there was one takeaway from a very enlightening event, it was this: The ...

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The Amazon Problem – Make Adversity the Mother of Invention

Amazon has long been a kind of big shapeless threat hanging over retail, but now this threat is solidifying into something that could ...

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How to create the perfect omnichannel strategy part 3

A multidisciplinary creative process, validation by testing and iteration are crucial to optimisation that delivers results. An omnichannel strategy that looks good on ...

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How to create the perfect omnichannel strategy part 2

Employ triangulated user research if you want to turn omnichannel problems into omnichannel opportunities. Knowing there is a problem, or more likely, multiple ...

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How to create the perfect omnichannel strategy Part 1

Why detailed, multi-faceted opportunity auditing is the first step to focused omnichannel optimisation that delivers predictable results. If customers can interact with your ...

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Ann Summers chooses Biglight to support growth

Ann Summers, the UK’s leading lingerie and adult toy retailer, has chosen Biglight to help deliver a step-change in sales performance through Biglight’s ...

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Biglight at UX Live 2017

We’re excited to announce that Biglight’s Director of UX & Optimisation, Chris Gibbins, will be running the “Customer Experience Optimisation for Ecommerce” workshop ...

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