Why so low? Mobile Conversion Rate vs Desktop


Comparing most retailers’ mobile conversion rate vs desktop is a bit of a shock. In many cases mobile conversion rates are roughly half that of desktop users. Should you be worried about that? With mobile now the dominant channel for shopping, the answer is an obvious yes.

So why are mobile users failing to convert in the way desktop shoppers do?

Over the last few month we conducted our largest ever research project – in an effort to answer this question. It turns out at least part of the answer is pretty straight forward.

You are Still Designing for Desktop not Mobile

“Whoa!” I hear you say. “We’ve spent a small fortune on our responsive/adaptive mobile site”. Sure, but most mobile sites out there are simply trying to replicate the functionality of their desktop counterparts, in a ‘small’ way.

Mobile Conversion vs Desktop: 5 issue to fix:

  • Pop-ups and overlays designed for desktop: They don’t work on mobile.
  • Menu structure and navigation: Mobile users are in a hurry, they want to get to products – fast.
  • Compromised functionality: Filters that are hard to use or don’t make it easy to zero in on relevant products quickly are a big no no.
  • Massive PDP text blocks: Most users do not want to squint at a screen and plough through well crafted, but too-long-for-mobile product descriptions.
  • Fiddly user interface: A mouse works pretty well with sliders and drop downs. But fingers are different.

So the the key takeaway is stop designing your mobile site like it’s a mini version of the desktop site – just having a mobile site is not enough. Ignore that at your peril.

Naturally with several months research in the bag, we have a mountain of insights and, importantly, solutions to help you tackle the issues affecting mobile conversion rates.

Find out how you can fix mobile conversion rates vs desktop.

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