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Increasing the pace of testing, whilst improving the quality of innovation.

The selection of Biglight as Eurostar’s Customer Experience Optimisation partner has helped the business transform its A/B testing capability, allowing the team to boost the number of tests they run by 33% and improve the quality of ideas behind their testing activity.

This has given them the agility to support more rapid development, as well as access to different thinking around test design, helping them increase conversion by 7%

Eurostar designs by Biglight.co.uk

Slowing down the roadmap

“We wanted to get A/B testing involved as early as possible,” explained Joe Turner, Digital Optimisation Manager at Eurostar. “To support our overall deployment schedule we needed to be in a position to run around four tests per month.”

“However, the agility we needed wasn’t there; we needed to significantly up the pace,” Joe explained. “We could only test if we planned a month or more in advance - a lead time we didn’t always get from our development team - and that was slowing down our roadmap.”

Eurostar designs by Biglight.co.uk

The complete picture

In response, Joe and his team started looking for external support. They embarked on a selection process that eventually saw them appoint Biglight as their partner, using Monetate as the core A/B testing tool.

“Now we are easily able to run the four or five tests a month we need to support the overall pace of development,” Joe confirmed. “The days of planning tests out a month or more in advance are gone.”

Eurostar designs by Biglight.co.uk

Testing transformed

“The big difference has been the close collaboration,” Joe said. “We’re working concurrently on a range of tests, which means we have more time and resource to invest in releasing the big developments, without neglecting the developments that may be smaller on their own, but can add up to significant change for users.”

Biglight could also give Joe’s team flexible access to the wider range of skills they were seeking. Joe explained: “Biglight’s mix of developer, research, UX, creative and analysis skills is pretty much the complete picture for us, and the contract we’ve got gives us access to any of those skills.

Eurostar designs by Biglight.co.uk

Big benefits

The result has been an acceleration in designing, developing and deploying responsive experiences. Although iterative design and improvement will continue indefinitely, the move across to a fully responsive site is now around 80% complete.

Eurostar’s focus on A/B testing has proven a wise strategy too: Overall, conversion rates are up by 7%.

Eurostar designs by Biglight.co.uk

“Biglight’s mix of developer, research, UX, design and analysis skills is pretty much the complete picture for us, and the contract we’ve got gives us access to any of those skills." Joe Turner - Digital Customer Experience & Development lead, Eurostar
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