Find Your Flow: How gamification techniques can help retailers to engage and influence through immersive digital experiences

In our fifth Biglight Briefing on 2nd December we were joined by Richard Robinson, General Manager at LeadFamly, the leading marketing gamification technology platform, to understand how game-based experiences help brands create deeper, more enduring customer engagement – and look at powerful, real world applications in retail customer experience innovation.

“Flow is the mental state a person experiences when they are completely focused on an activity like a game.”

In a fascinating session, Richard explored the behavioural science behind gamification - the psychologies and innate human behaviours that make game-based mechanics so effective at driving engagement and influencing decisions at every stage of the customer journey.

He explained:

  • How brands are already using behavioural economics, or Nudge Theory techniques like anchoring, loss aversion and social proof to influence buying behaviour - but how these conversion-focused, ‘push’ techniques can harm overall brand perception.
  • How game-mechanics draw on Flow Theory - which explains the deeply engaged mental state (or Flow) experienced by people engaged in game play - to create immersive digital experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle - from awareness to loyalty. 
  • The five key game-mechanics used in marketing gamification, how and why they work to draw consumers in, and the challenge/reward dynamic that is so effective in influencing behaviour - for instance consumers are 40% more likely to redeem a discount voucher won through a game mechanic.

Gamification in Action

Richard also walked us through real world world examples that demonstrate the power of gamification in retail:

  • How a furniture brand’s quiz mechanic brought the in-store experience online, doubled email permissions and achieved a 50% campaign to catalogue click through rate.
  • How a beauty brand used a ‘drop game’ to attract 23,000 visitors with an average engagement time of more than a minute, drive 1850 voucher redemptions, and achieve £10,000 in directly attributable sales - all in just two weeks.
  • How a fashion brand used a month-long scratch card mechanic to deliver 77,000 new email signups, attract 7,700 new loyalty scheme members, and secure £350,000 in additional sales.

If you couldn’t make the session, you don’t have to miss out on these insights and more. You can watch the whole session here – and we hope you find it as interesting and enjoyable as we did. 

A big thank you to Richard for taking part and to our partners Tech Circus for their support.