Developing a vision for the future and a digital strategy to support a global digital transformation project for Specsavers.

Experience Strategy - Global


Specsavers wanted to ensure they continue to exceed the expectations of their customers and retain their status as the leading opticians in the 10 markets in which they operate.

They needed to develop a digital strategy that they could use to secure buy-in from stakeholders across the world and investment for their digital transformation programme.


Using existing data and our own research, we developed a range of customer personas, identified the principle customer need-states and mapped the key customer journeys.

We explored the emotions customers experienced across these journeys, identifying the steps that needed to be improved and proposed solutions for these.

We used this to develop a future vision for each journey, then worked with the in-house team and other partners to design new digital products and services.


Based on the work we completed, Specsavers were able to secure the buy-in they needed and prioritise the development roadmap for the new digital products that were required.

We then played an instrumental role in the creation of a range of innovative digital products, such as online appointment booking, frame finder and virtual try-on functionality.

Biglight added value to Specsavers by applying their experience to our customers' wide range of needs.

James Whitford - Specsavers

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