The Challenge

Halfords asked Biglight to create a customer experience strategy that could support their business transformation project.

This strategy would inform the design of experiences as they bring their brands together in a unified service-led proposition, as well as the physical layout of stores and the digital products and services that would be available within them.

What we did

By repurposing the wealth of data and research from existing sources and completing our own research, we were able to build a picture of customer need-states, trigger events and mindsets.

In doing this, we uncovered four key motivational triggers that Halfords is in a position to satisfy and mapped the key customer journeys for each of the associated services and product areas.

This provided the foundations for the development of a customer experience model that provided clarity on the experiences that should be created by the business and the communications, products and services that should be developed to deliver them.

The Results

The new customer experience model was communicated across the business and shared with other partners supporting Halfords in their Business Transformation Project.

It is now the strategic framework that guides the design of physical and digital experiences provided by Halfords across all of its brands and channels within its business transformation programme.

The work Biglight did was excellent. They worked closely with us to understood our objectives and created a customer experience model that is now the foundation of our business transformation programme moving forwards. They have exceeded our expectations.Karen Bellairs - Group Commercial and Customer Director, Halfords
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