Rockonomics - when Napster launched in 1999 the music industry faced oblivion, what can retail learn from its path to recovery?

In 1999, when Napster launched a file sharing service with a user-friendly interface that specialised in MP3 files, it shook the music business to its core and heralded an era of unprecedented disruption, forcing the industry to undergo fundamental change to survive.

Today, as retail brands approach a dramatically uncertain future and begin to imagine how their digital channels might help them address the challenges of the future, what can we learn from the music industry’s 10-year journey from sudden disruption to long-term recovery?

Join us to hear Will Page, former Chief Economist at Spotify and PRS for Music, explore how the music industry made the transition from physical media to streaming, discovered how to use data to shape content and create personalised experiences as we consider what they learned along the way and how this could help shape the future of retail.

When: Wednesday 24 June 2020 @ 17:00 - 18:00 BST
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Will Page was the Chief Economist at Spotify (2012-19), previously held the same title at PRS for Music (2006-12) - where he published pioneering work in helping industry stakeholders adapt to streaming and to let go of outdated, ineffective concepts. 

A passionate communicator, Will’s work is regularly featured in The Economist and the Financial Times. He has also been profiled in The Daily Telegraph.  In late 2019, Will stepped down from Spotify to start work on  his first book ‘Pivot’, published by Simon & Schuster (UK) and Little Brown (US) in early 2021.  

Will is a Visiting Fellow of the London School of Economics and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.