Designing a new platform to support the B2B digital transformation of Brakes, one of Europe’s leading food wholesalers - providing 1 in 4 meals served outside the home.

Experience Design - B2B


Brakes required a full-scale site redesign to bring their digital presence in line with current expectations and provide a scalable platform for their digital transformation ambitions.


We completed an assessment of the current experience and defined four priorities for the design process based on this, customer needs and business objectives.

We defined a new direction for the brand that was simple yet scalable, created a UI design system, then completed the UX and UI design, focusing on the priorities we had set.

The complexity of the proposition required a minimalistic interface, allowing the user to focus on the task at hand without distraction, whilst adhering to WCAG AA standards or above.


The new site resulting in a positive reaction from users and the client. Initial release components have seen an increase in dwell time and improvements in conversion.

Selected Work