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Jimmy Choo

Identifying opportunities to drive growth through client experience innovation


Jimmy Choo is a leading global luxury brand with stores in premiere shopping locations worldwide and seven digital stores serving clients in the UK, US, Japan, Korea, Asia and the rest of the world.


In recent years, Jimmy Choo had seen traffic to its digital stores increase significantly, providing a clear opportunity to drive online sales growth. However, despite that increase, conversions had remained stubbornly flat.

In response, and keen to seize the growth opportunity inherent in rising traffic, the brand wanted to identify opportunities for digital experience innovation. In particular, it wanted to understand returning client behaviour in order to better tailor the digital experience to their needs.

Ultimately, the commercial goal was to implement its first digital experience optimisation programme based on detailed insight around sales funnel drop off points.

Having never before undertaken customer experience research, Jimmy Choo commissioned Biglight to lead the work.


We undertook an in-depth assessment of the existing end-to-end digital experience in order to evaluate the extent to which it met the needs and expectations of clients and to identify opportunities for improvement.

In particular, we set out to help Jimmy Choo better understand its clients in context with the holistic service experience, as well as their overall perceptions and expectation of Jimmy Choo – insight that would be crucial to driving revenue by tailoring the customer journey according to client need.

In addition, we sought to inform Jimmy Choo’s omnichannel strategy by understanding how, when and why clients engage with online and offline channels during the journey from inspiration to purchase.

Over a five week period, that work involved:

  • Workshops with business stakeholders to understand their objectives and challenges. 
  • Interviews with 12 clients in the UK and US to understand their needs, perceptions, expectations, and behaviours. 
  • Using analytics data to benchmark digital commerce performance and identify opportunities for optimisation.
  • Completing a detailed assessment of how well the brand’s existing digital commerce channel met client needs.


Having gathered a wealth of insight around customer needs, expectations and behaviours, current digital channel performance, and gaps in the digital experience, we identified a significant number of opportunities for optimisation and innovation.

All were focused on helping Jimmy Choo to realise its commercial ambitions through an elevated customer experience shaped to respond directly to under-served client needs and a customer journey that reflects real world client behaviours.

Those opportunities spanned product discovery, future technology, omnichannel, loyalty & membership, personalisation, and merging audiences. Prioritised according to feasibility, desirability and likely commercial impact, they were ranked and prioritised from high impact, low effort quick wins to longer term strategic initiatives.

As a result, Jimmy Choo now has a detailed, commercially-focused and evidence-based roadmap of client experience innovation that is specifically shaped to help it capitalise on increasing traffic to its digital stores.

Biglight’s CX Assessment has informed our innovation roadmap moving forwards. The team identified quick-wins that we have already acted on and have helped us prioritise future projects. We really loved the work Biglight did for us – so much amazing insight!
Sarah Wilkinson, Senior Ecommerce Director (Global), Jimmy Choo

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